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Now, you would think that if you are going to a Mask Festival, you would be seeing a lot of masks. Right?  So how did all these headdress people get in on the act.  I expect they knew somebody on the Organizing Committee!

Mask Festiay Day 2 084      Mask Festiay Day 2 095

They were everywhere!  Just walking with a headdress like this would be difficult enough, but dancing…

Mask Festiay Day 2 087           Mask Festiay Day 2 185

The headdresses themselves were very ornate and looked pretty delicate.

Mask Festiay Day 2 213        Mask Festiay Day 2 204

Mask Festiay Day 2 182   Mask Festiay Day 2 172

Not that that stopped anyone.

Mask Festiay Day 2 093     Mask Festiay Day 2 207

And when you’ve gotta dance, you’ve gotta dance!

Mask Festiay Day 2 173

Don’t ask!  I have no idea what this chap was spraying, but almost all of the groups had someone who performed this service.

P.S.  To appreciate the detail of these headdresses, just click on the picture.


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