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So what kept you, i360?

One thing you need to bear in mind is that ‘the season’ in Brighton starts at Easter.  That’s when all the shop-owners dust off their souvenirs from last year, switch on their candy-floss machines, start up the carousels P1060354 and pray for sunshine.



Now, I would have thought that if you were planning a new, ground-breaking tourist attraction  – like a huge, grey pole – for a resort like Brighton, you would want to have it open at the beginning of the season.  Well, if that was British Airways’ intention, they spectacularly failed.  By the middle of July, nothing was ready; no restaurants, no bars, just the grey pole and its attendant Doughnut, still being tested to make sure it was safe.

Having said that, I must admit that it was quite fun watching the Doughnut being put though its paces.  Slowly, slowly it started to rise…


P1060410And although, for the purposes of the test, the Doughnut only held a couple of men in hi-viz vests and some cardboard boxes, it was still quite an impressive sight as it  gradually made its way up the pole … and into the sky.


Up, up…


… and away…


… into the blue yonder…


From the top of the i360, on a good day,  you will get views all along the south coast and over the Sussex Downs to the north.  On a bad day, you will disappear into the mist, to return, some twenty minutes later, hopefully enriched by the experience of being cocooned in a grey doughnut at the top of a grey pole from which you could see nothing.  Worth £13.50 of anyone’s money, I’d say!

So Brighton has a new tourist attraction and a new landmark that can be seen from all over the city.

P1060453      P1060455

The i360 is due to open on August 4th.

Will I be there, queueing for a ride?

You betcha!





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