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On the road again.

The Great Ocean Road starts not far from Geelong and takes you in the direction of Adelaide, our next major staging post, whence, after a few more adventures, we were due to catch our train to Darwin.  (More of that anon.)

The first half of the Ocean Road is one of the prettiest stretches of coastline that you could hope to find anywhere.  Consequently, it had to be part of our trip – our friend and former neighbour at Divine Word University, Kym, who planned most of our itinerary for us, insisted that we couldn’t miss the Great Ocean Road, so we had to go.

Once again, his recommendation was absolutely right.  Just judge for yourself.


The highlight of the trip was the so-called Twelve Apostles, which are sandstone pillars that stand majestically just off the coast.  (Actually, there are only eight of the pillars left, but you couldn’t market “The Eight Apostles” as a tourist attraction, could you?)








Of course, the problem is that, when you are restricted to taking pictures from the beach, or the cliff walk or even from the car park, you miss such an awful lot!



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