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Stop degrading women and our language.

I know I said I had nothing left to write about, but the BBC coverage of the events at the Dorchester this week have encouraged me out of my self-imposed exile from my blog.

Numerous commentators, on radio and TV, have been describing the appalling behaviour of a bunch of sleazy, over-privileged, misogynistic, insanely wealthy men in a discredited London hotel as ‘horrific’.

There are many words that could be employed to describe the behaviour of some members of the obnoxious Presidents’ Club.  How about ‘disgusting’, or ‘degrading’ or ‘demeaning’, or ‘de-humanising’ or ‘disgraceful’? And we still haven’t exhausted the ‘d’s’.

But bandying around the word ‘horrific’ is just wrong.

Rough-sleepers in Britain being kicked to death by thugs is horrific.  Babies being thrown into burning buildings in Burma is horrific.  One and half million people suffering famine in South Sudan is horrific.

The fact that these pathetic, but powerful, men feel entitled to harass young women is worthy of examination, censure and serious debate. 

Over-using words like ‘horrific’ does not help.


Time to call it a day?

With the turning of the year, I took a look back at the statistics of my blog and treated myself to a quiet smile.

I started writing it way back in the middle of 2012, as we started our preparations to retire from paid work and embark on what turned out to be a four-year VSO adventure.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and Linda will tell you that it was the blog that kept me sane during the darker times of our time in South Sudan, when I found myself, for several months, with practically nothing to do.

The WordPress statistics people feed back all sorts of information, including the number of entries since the beginning, (a total of 1529 posts and thousands of pictures), and then, day by day, month by month, the number of people who have visited the blog and the number of ‘views’.  Over the past six years, this is how it looks:-

Year        Visitors        Views

2012          181               5243

2013          2413           10033

2014          1843             6618

  2015          2443             7011

2016          3494             9001

2017          3261             6401

Total         13635          44307 

So the question is, ‘What happens now?’

Life is certainly less spectacular that it was a couple of years ago.  No crocodile farms, no faced-painted warriors, no machine-gun wielding youths herding cows., no clown fish, just a quiet retirement in an agreeable town on the South Coast.  So, unless I can find a direction that justifies putting finger to keyboard, perhaps it’s time to hang up my sense of irony and my eye for quirkiness and draw a line under the blog.

Many thanks to all those who have followed the blog over the past six years.  It’s been a blast.











Doing anything on February 3rd?

If not, let me tell you where all the best people will be on that date.


If you are anywhere near Brighton on that day, I’ll see you there.

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