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Welcome Return of “T-Shirt of the Week.”

Unusual to find a piece of OXFAM publicity that underlines typical gender stereotypes quite so openly.


Some Teaching Jobs Are More Fun Than Others.

Some Teaching Jobs Are More Fun Than Others.

South Sudan Practically Cut Off From Outside World.

South Sudan Practically Cut Off From Outside World.

South Sudan is twice the size of Britain. Outside the capital, Juba, it has one properly surfaced road that stretches for 190 kilometres to the Ugandan border and everything comes into the country along that road.

Last week nothing was getting through because of the rain. In Rumbek the diesel ran out.

Who Would Be A Truck Driver?

Who Would Be A Truck Driver?

And This is Supposed to be the Dry Season

And This is Supposed to be the Dry Season

Remembering Sue.

Remembering Sue.

Those of you who read the blog entry of 15th November will know that our friend, Sue, tragically died a couple of weeks ago. Last Thursday was the day of her funeral, which was followed by a celebration of her life attended by hundreds of people. The two events took place in Brighton, and if we had been in the country, we would have been there.

Since that wasn’t possible, we decided to take ourselves off somewhere quiet, to raise a glass to Sue and to exchange some memories.

The funeral and wake in Brighton was due to start at 3.00pm, so we began our little moment of tribute at 6.00pm, (We are three hours ahead of the UK.)

The spot that we chose was at the back of our accommodation in a shaded little corner facing west. We sat, we talked, we raised a toast and we watched the sun go down.

I thought you might like to share the moment through some of the pictures we took.

Soon, The Sky Began To Change.

Soon, The Sky Began To Change.

Another Big African Sky.

Another Big African Sky.

Gradually The Sun Set.

Gradually The Sun Set.

A Blaze of Glory.

A Blaze of Glory.

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