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D-Day minus 15: July 30th

Time is passing so fast, it’s unbelievable.

Front room in unaccustomed chaos

Ten days ago I retired.  From then on it was supposed to be sitting in the garden reading the paper, followed by lunch and a gentle walk around the park.  Ha!  Fat chance.

Since last weekend, life has been busier than I’ve ever known it.  In preparation for the great South Sudan adventure, a houseful of furniture has been loaded into a van and delivered to our daughter’s new flat in London. (How can it take four people four hours to get one settee out of a front room?  In the end we had to dismantle the whole thing and transport it in three pieces!)

Then it’s been sorting out all the paperwork associated with moving house; changes of address letters to the bank, the building society, the insurance companies, cancelling the TV and telephone, sorting out the credit card, downloading music onto the i-pad, donating carloads of unwanted stuff the the charity shops, sending carloads of junk to the tip…

The remainder of the furniture  goes to our son’s in a day or two and so from now until  Departure-Day we’ll be sitting on garden chairs, eating off an old computer table that neither of the offspring wanted and sleeping on the inflatable mats that we last used during our World Challenge Expedition last year.  Oh, well!  It’ll all be good training for South Sudan!

As 15th August gets closer our excitement levels mount.  We had lunch on Sunday with Bob Campbell, who is the person who has been a major advisor in setting up the VSO education programme in South Sudan.  He has even spent a couple of weeks in Rumbek and survived it, so that was reassuring!  Linda was very relieved to hear that he hadn’t seen any snakes in all the months he has spent in the country.

Next week we are due to have a telephone conference on the security situation in South Sudan.  The Country Director will be part of the conference, so that should be interesting!

Just to show that my inclusion of a photo on my last blog entry wasn’t a fluke, I will share some of the chaos into which the Nicholls household has now descended.  I wouldn’t mind except that the new tenants are coming to visit on Thursday.  Don’t panic!


D-Day minus 43 July 3rd

Be afraid… Be very afraid.

Big day today.   In order to comply with our friend Claire’s instructions, we learnt how to put a picture onto the blog.   Highlight of this week was buying two fly swats from John Lewis – cost a fortune so they should last two years.  Never Knowingly Under-swatted.

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